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Monday, 21st November, 2016

David Kappos

Intellectual Property in the fourth Industrial Revolution

David J. Kappos, former Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and current Partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, New York

Parallel Lecture Panels (45 Minutes)

IP Management challenges in a dynamic and trend influenced environment

How modern communication, collaboration and integration technology can revolutionize IP Services

How IP can drive business decisions

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

How to establish a reliable and time-efficient patent monitoring

Evaluating IP Rights – e-collaboration makes it efficient

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

Domain Management & the new Top-Level-Domain (TLD) Area

Open Patent Data for Strategic Decisions

OECD-BEPS-DEMPE … – how new global tax guidelines substantially raise the bar for your IP management


Stephan Wolke

Building up capabilities for effective and efficient IP coverage for a multinational engineering conglomerate

Dr. Stephan Wolke, Chairman of the Board, thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, Essen

Parallel Roundtable Discussions


Digitalization: Consequences on IP Strategies and business models


Changing IP Software? Reducing Cost & Risk


IP Strategy and Management


From budget to the forecast and return – Costs monitoring in a patent department


Patent Portfolio Evaluation and Review


How to connect business and IP data? – Relating patent data to revenue and R&D spending


Purchasing IP Services in the Internet


Patent monitoring with patentGate – how to create an inhouse patent information workflow for users and groups


Brazil, Mexico & Argentina – Patents and Trademarks in the new political and economic landscape


Man and Machine in acquiring IP Intelligence

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

Unitary Patent & Unified Patent Court: Is it as simple as Yes or No?

Recent improvements in the European Patent Register and the future Register for Unitary patent

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

Semantic Searches in Patent Analytics

Gaining Business Insight from Patent Intelligence


Alexander Poledna

Keeping Freedom-To-Operate in times of shrinking innovative steps

Alexander Poledna, Head of Intellectual Property, voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016

James O’Riordan

IP for Small to Medium Technology Companies

James O‘Riordan, S3 Group, Leopardstown

Parallel Roundtable Discussions


Increase the effi ciency of your international patent prosecution with a worksharing software


It takes two to tango – the relationship between brands and trademarks in trademark portfolio management


Advanced patent searching


Strategic patent analytics with the Patent Asset Index™


The German Utility Model – A Multitalent


Method for systematic IP Strategy Development


Unitary Patent and Unifi ed Patent Court

Parallel Lecture Panels (45 Minutes)

What the Service Provider Saw: Data and Analysis from America‘s Leading Patent Translation Provider

The IP Platform – Unifying Technology, Services and Intelligence in IP

Innovation boosting: the patent information approach

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

Systematic IP Portfolio evaluation: A practical case

The Need for Speed

Automated monitoring for NPE activities and insolvency events


Edgar Duschl

The challenge of global IP cooperation at Schaeffler

Dr. Edgar Duschl, Senior Vice President Intellectual Property, Schaeffler AG, Herzogenaurach

Parallel Lecture Panels (30 Minutes)

IP is More than Patents: Top 5 Ways to Monitor Disruptive Innovation & Uncover Companies‘ Strategies

Two Remarkable Litigation Cases in Vehicle Area in China and Our Suggestions


Luis Mesquita

Developing a culture of innovation and leveraging IPR

Luis Mesquita, Aerostructures & Special Products Intellectual Property Manager, GKN Aerospace, Bristol

Workshops, 23rd November 2016 | Please Choose one

IP Department 2020 – Trends, Strategy and Implementation

Jan Berger

Industry trends and implications on future business models

Jan Berger, Managing Director, 2b Ahead Think Tank GmbH, Munich

Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors

IP Strategy

Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors, Global Head of Consulting, Dennemeyer Consulting GmbH, Munich

Philipp Hammans

IP strategy implementation 360°

Philipp Hammans and Brigitte Baldi, Senior Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting GmbH, Munich

Brigitte Baldi

Sustainable IP Management

Philipp Hammans and Brigitte Baldi, Senior Manager, Dennemeyer Consulting GmbH, Munich

Innovation between IP and Standards

Matthias Schneider

New challenges by standard essential patents in automotive industry

Matthias Schneider, Senior Licensing Manager, Audi AG / FSA Member, Ingolstadt

Roland Gissler

Standard Essential Patents in practice: Analysis and Evaluation

Roland Gissler, Senior Key Account Manager, Questel SAS, Paris

Nikolaus Thumm

Patent Assertion Entities in Europe: Their impact on innovation and knowledge transfer in ICT markets

Nikolaus Thumm, Senior Fellow, European Commission – Joint Research Centre (JRC), Sevilla

Jochen Meyer

NPE´s expanding their activities from the US to Europe: Consequences and actions to strike back

Jochen Meyer, Leiter Patente, Vodafone GmbH, Dusseldorf

Vivian Chilton

Use IP’s signals to support your Innovation and R&D managers in reaching their main challenges cost-efficiently and securely

Viviane Chilton, Account Manager, Questel Consulting, Grenoble

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulz

Innovate! New – Increasing Innovation Perfor mance by embedding IPR Managements into Innovation Management Systems

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schultz, Scientific Head of Europe an Innovation Benchmarking, Institute for Innovation Research, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel

Fabrice Capelle

Orbit IAM: From Invention Disclosure to IP Asset

Fabrice Capelle, Integration Services Manager, Questel SAS, Paris


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