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Why large-scale battery storage will overtake PV-home storage batteries

Why Large-scale Battery Storage Will Overtake PV-home Storage Batteries

Energy storage is largely presented by pumped hydro storage, but the battery storage market is emerging with a rapid growth rate. Dr.-Ing. Nam Truong and Dr.-Ing. Arthur Singer from STABL (m-Bee GmbH) give their insights about why we should now focus on large-scale battery storage.

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The most popular application with the largest number of systems and an installed capacity of 420 MWh in Germany, are residential PV-home storage for the optimisation of a prosumer’s electricity bill by increasing the household’s self-consumption. Commercial-, industrial-, and utility-scale battery storage are not as well-known as their residential counterparts but already amount to a total installed capacity of 380 MWh in Germany.

PV-home batteries are primarily addressing emotional needs, such as energy independence or in some cases power supply for potential power outages that rarely happen in the ENTSO-E grid (German consumers suffer power outages for less than 15 minutes per year on average). Real value by relieving the grid, stabilise the power system, or mitigating the consequences of power outages are mainly delivered by larger storage systems. Residential batteries could provide the value to a small extent if they are pooled and if they work together like a swarm, with each providing a small share of its capacity to the respective application.

large scale battery storage system equipped with STABL inverters on each battery module

Therefore, larger battery systems will dominate in the future. The learnings from PV-home batteries should be applied to the larger systems, as soon as possible, to enable rapid market adoption. That implies specifically that the price is a major decision criterion, but the other factors like long cycle-life or the efficiency need to be considered over the lifetime of the battery system. Not only do these factors need to be considered holistically, but the variety of systems and manufacturers create datasheets of systems that cannot be compared properly. Consequently, a standard for the ascertainment of comparable values for performance indicators is required. This ensures that the best system will prevail in the market, not the best-promoted one.

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STABL (m-Bee GmbH) develops and sells a new inverter technology to battery storage system manufacturers. STABL allows for a simplified design of battery storage systems that enable personal safety due to low voltage design and are robust against battery malfunction. The STABL technology uses a new modular approach that utilizes the existing battery modules, instead of the high voltage battery packs. Each battery module is equipped with a STABL module that allows a dynamic, software-based connection. STABL has been founded 2019 and has since won numerous awards.

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