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Relocating from London to Frankfurt

Banking Business in Germany

Information Seminar for Foreign Financial Institutions

Banking in Frankfurt: 10 Reasons You Just Might Like It


When Great Britain leaves the European Union, your bank might consider moving some of their offices to Frankfurt, Germany. We compiled a tongue-in-cheek list of reasons for doing exactly that.

An absolutely, definitely serious list of reasons to love banking in Frankfurt, Germany

Banking in Frankfurt 2

With the loss of passporting rights that let banks sell services across the EU from London, numerous banks that do the majority of their business in the UK will need to set up a subsidiary in another country of the European community.

Has your bank therefore decided to relocate business from London to Frankfurt or another German city?

In that case, there must be many unanswered questions about Germany’s banking system and regulations, the financial centre of Frankfurt as well as relocation related issues for your staff and their families.

For this reason and in order to offer you a comprehensive information event on all of these challenging issues, we have designed a special seminar for decision makers and specialists of banks planning to relocate to Germany.


You will find answers concerning the following issues:Merken

● the German banking landscape and its organisational structures
supervisory authorities and their responsibilities
● the national regulatory framework and reporting duties
● the financial centre of Frankfurt and its business opportunities

● the housing market in the Rhein-Main area
● the schooling system and options for international families
immigration and registration formalities
social and healthcare insurance

Your benefit

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information for a successful relocation to Frankfurt, Germany after the Brexit. We also aim to organize an interesting and enjoyable day with debates, expert keynotes, teamwork sessions, and exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded people.

We have invited experts from different players in the financial sector to give you a comprehensive overview of relevant banking regulation in Germany, issues of location, relocation and legal aspects.

Who will you meet?

This event is designed for executives, banking experts and HR executives of foreign banks situated in London who consider relocating their business to Germany and aim to receive overall information on the banking system in Germany, relevant regulation issues as well as comprehensive knowledge of relocation aspects.

Your Experts


Banking Day

Banking Regulation in Germany
■ the Euro Area‘s Supervisory Set-up
■ licensing & outsourcing
■ risk management and governance
■ internal risk models

Foreign banks in Germany
■ the German banking system
■ current situation of foreign banks in the German banking market

The finance centre of Frankfurt am Main
■ infrastructure
■ the real estate market for office space
■ Frankfurt as a digital hub

Relocation Day

Frankfurt and the surrounding area
■ population structure,
■ introduction to a great region in Germany,
■ the city’s international flair

Relocating to Frankfurt
■ infrastructure,
■ the housing market of Frankfurt and its metropolitan area,
■ schooling options in Germany

Administrative and legal issues
■ Immigration formalities,
■ social & health insurance,
■ Germany’s labour law

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